is Hinduism culture growing in the west?

Hinduism in other countries, is Hinduism culture growing in the west?


This is a well-known fact that Britishers and western culture influenced Indian society but Indian culture and Hinduism also influenced western countries. The credit for the spread of Hinduism, Hindu culture, or Hindu thoughts in western countries should be given to Swami Vivekanand who introduced Hinduism in the world parliament of religions in Chicago in 1893. Hinduism is not only about faith and a way to worship but it is a lifestyle.

Did you know that some other aspects of Hinduism have infiltrated into nearly every person on earth?

How does Hinduism impact on western society? Hinduism name as a religion was only coined in 19th Century. Vedas The Hindu state it as “Sanatana Dharma”, which translates to “Eternal Way of Life & simply fulfilling their duty in life. Now, let’s take a look at a few ways in which Hinduism has influenced our world!


In the west, Yoga exercise has become immensely popular, even if one doesn’t follow the Hindu faith. They have incorporated Yoga as part of their lifestyle.


Even if not practicing active Yoga, many people have learned the art of Meditation by concentrating on the soul & chakras within us.


This is a Hindu concept, called Ahimsa, or non-violence, which doesn’t only apply towards humans, but animals as well. There is an increased awareness of the systematic abuse and cruelty within the food industry.


Ayurvedic healing is a medicinal influence Hinduism has made on society. Ayurvedic medicines are a type of alternative treatment. Developed over 3,000 years ago, Ayurveda is based on the belief that health and wellbeing is based on the overall balance between mind, body and spirit.


Ayurvedic massages using herbal remedies. These have been documented in our ancient Vedas to improve blood flow, metabolism, immune system, digestion.


e.g. Turmeric has been used for centuries for many ailments. Americans have now actually discovered Turmeric’s value & actually wanted a world patent for it!


Regularly of at least once a week was advocated in Hindu scriptures to cleanse the body. The West have started intermittent fasting as a way of fat control& getting rid of toxins.


has got even Hollywood interested to make films on these subjects.

9. Indian Work Force:

The largest immigrant Hindus in the waste are found in United State (3.23 million), United Kingdom (0.48 million) Canada (0.50 million), Australia (0.44 million), New Zealand (0.09 million). Beside small communities are in other countries also. Even in ancient time Hinduism was spread all over the world. Evidence of which can be seen in the form of temple and idoms in Indonesia, Africa, Cambodia, China, Vatican Chile, Peru, Vietnam.

10. Indian Music, Films and food also influenced the world.

Having no single founder, nor one single set of guidelines to follow, Hinduism is a highly adaptable religion. It makes it accessible for one to take what they feel fit from the religion and apply it to their life — which is why the Eternal Way of Life will eternally influence the way the world functions!  Because of its diversity & openness towards different walks of life, many non-religious people find it easy to follow Hinduism’s teachings. Hinduism has influenced other religions too Buddhism, Sikhism&Jainism. Christianity and Hinduism vary greatly in their beliefs and worship practices, but there’s one belief in common.

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