About Shashi Gossain​

Shashi gossain's simple hinduism

Shashi Gossain was born in Kenya & emigrated to UK at the age of 12. Her  great-grandfather, Pandit Dayaram Prashar, helped build the first Santana Dharma temple in Nairobi, Kenya, in 1901, and thereafter, He was the Priest at the temple. Her father, Mr.Basheshar Nath Bhanot is a prominent member of Vishwa Hindu Parishad & helped build & develop the VHP Mandir in Ilford, London in 1982. 

Her father-in-law, Mr.Balram Gossain was instrumental in building the Mandir in Slough, London in 1981. She is a Pharmacist by profession, and the CEO of Pharmaclinix Ltd, a leading skincare brand. She is married with three children & five grandchildren, who all live in London, UK.

She is passionate about her religion & her mission is to impart the knowledge in a simplified way, which is relevant to the modern generation.“This mission is dedicated to my parents, Basheshar Nath & Krishna Bhanot, who were my first teachers & instilled the Hindu principles in me.

Thank you to Paramatama for giving me this opportunity.”