1. I am a Hindu because it tells me that the purpose of life is to realise God.

2. Hinduism teaches that I am the Soul and not the body.

3. Hinduism gives me absolute freedom to worship God in any name and form I like.

4. In Hinduism, God is not only outside but also within me.

5. Hinduism teaches that Truth alone triumphs.

6. The saints and sages are living proofs of God’s love and mercy.

7. Hinduism teaches that selfless service is the highest duty.

8. Hinduism helps me to discover my own true self.

9. Hinduism considers religion as the manifestation of the divinity already within us.

10. Hinduism helps me to see the impermanence of the body.

11. Hinduism gives me freedom to love God in any way that is suitable to me.

12. Hinduism admits that no one way is the only way to reach God, the Omniscient.

13. Hinduism guides me to celebrate the different phases of life.

14. Reading the stories of Hindu Rishis and devotees help me to shape my personality.

15. Hinduism encourages thinking and rationalising.

16. Hindu festivals offer joyful activities for all.

17. Hinduism promotes healthy simple eating.

18. Hinduism teaches me to honour the learned and the wise. 

19. Ancient Hindu temples give me a sense of awe and pride of my ancestors.

20. I can worship God by serving God’s creation.

21. Yoga helps to keep the body and mind healthy.

22. Meditation calms the mind and gives inner peace.

23. Yogasanas help me to gain full control of my body.

24. The chanting of Vedic mantras creates a positive vibration internally and externally.

25. Hinduism teaches to serve all life forms, small or big as our own self.

26. Hinduism shows that human beings are the greatest of all beings.

27. No work is secular but every work can be spiritual discipline.

28. To conquer is to renounce.

29. The highest gain is to attain self-control.

30. Hinduism never forces anything on anyone.

31. Hinduism teaches me to respect all religions.

32. Hinduism gives assurance that no sinner is eternally condemned. 

33. Hinduism gives me hope that I can always reform myself and attain perfection.

34. Hinduism provides various disciplines for my body and mind.

35. Hinduism asserts that I am responsible for my life.

36. Hinduism asserts that I am the ever pure, ever free, ever perfect Atman. 

37. Hinduism allows me to find the Truth for myself.

38. Hinduism allows me to feel the presence of God even in material things.

39. Hinduism shows that my first God is my mother.

40. Hinduism shows that no knowledge is gained without respect to the teacher.

41. Hinduism teaches that every knowledge, whether sacred or secular have come from God.

42. Hinduism teaches that God is the inner guide in every one.

43. Hinduism teaches that every woman is the embodiment of the power of God.

44. Hinduism teaches that the soul has no gender, race, or caste.

45. Every work done perfectly and selflessly will make me perfect.

46. I can reach God through dance.

47. I can find God through music.

48. I can seek God through arts.

49. Hinduism teaches me that Good always triumph over evil.

50. Hinduism does not ask me to fear God but to love God.

51. God is my Friend.

52. God is my Teacher.

53. God is my Mother.

54. God is my Father.

55. God is my Lover.

56. God is my Husband.

57. God is my Child.

58. God is in everything pure and beautiful.

59. God is also in misery and in the terrible.

60. God is the inner Controller.

61. Nothing happens without the will of God.

62. Hinduism teaches that life is a series of birth and death until I attain perfection.

63. I am free to observe fasting and vigil according to my own ability.

64. Hinduism encourages me to abstain from meat to develop devotion and purity my mind.

65. Hinduism encourages me to be humble to love God.

66. Hinduism asks me to look at the whole world as one family.

67. Hinduism teaches me to practice non-violence and non-injury to others.

68. Hinduism teaches me to feed the weak and the hungry.

69. Hinduism shows that even sinners can be purified by God’s grace.

70. Hinduism consists not in believing, but in being and becoming.

71. Hinduism shows that God accepts everything and anything given with love.

72. God promises in the Bhagavad Gita to protect Dharma against adharma.

72. Hinduism shows that God incarnates on earth to show the path of righteousness.

73. Hinduism shows that to think myself as a sinner is a blasphemy.

74. Hinduism teaches that every action has its reaction.75. Karma can be altered through prayers and repetition of God’s name.

76. I can serve God by serving holy people and good devotees.

77. The doctrine of Karma shows me that I am the creator of my own destiny.

78. The Vedas preach on fearlessness.

79. The Bhagavad Gita is the best manual on self-motivation.

80. The Puranas give grand truths in simple stories.

81. The Ramayana shows me on how to live.

82. The Srimad Bhagavatam instructs me on how to die.

83. The Mahabharata shows me on how to defeat adversity in life.

84. The Upanishads instructs me on the highest truth about my real self.

85. The Agamas instructs on how to worship God in various ways.

85. The Itihasas and Puranas help to develop imagination and creativity.

86. Hinduism teaches that to injure others is to injure my own self.

87. Hinduism teaches that I must not covet another’s possession.

88. Hinduism teaches me to treat my elders with respect.

89. Hinduism prescribes me different duties at different stages of life.

90. Hinduism extols giving up selfishness for the sake of others.

91. Hinduism prescribes marriage as a sacrament to purify the body and mind.

92. Hinduism likens death to change of the old cloth.

93. I can worship God by doing good actions.

94. Hinduism shows that God can be seen by those who are pure in heart.

95. Hinduism shows that anyone can achieve greatness through great effort.

96. Hinduism shows that every one – man, woman, child, and the aged can be great saints and sages.

97. Hinduism shows that it is not God who punishes but our own karma.

98. Hinduism shows that lovers of God do not belong to any race or caste.

99. Hinduism teaches not only tolerance but universal acceptance.

100. Hinduism sees unity in diversity.

101. Hinduism is the mother of all religions.