why does hinduism have so many gods

Why does Hinduism have so many Gods?

Why does Hinduism have so many Gods?

Hinduism is the oldest religion dating back over 5000 years, in the world with many languages & cultures, who have understood the one God in their own distinct way. Contrary to prevailing misconceptions, Hindus all worship a one Supreme Being, though by different names. Hindus all believe in one Supreme God, called Paramatma, which is made up of three forms Brahma; the creator, Vishnu, the sustainer and Shiva, the destroyer.
Paramatma, the supreme, created many Gods, highly advanced spiritual beings, to be His helpers. We Hindus believe in the one all-pervasive God who energizes the entire universe.
Due to this diversity, Hindus are profoundly tolerant of other religions, respecting the fact that each has its own pathway to the one God.
Hinduism means the worship of one God without denying the existence of other Gods.

Meaning of to be Hindu

One of the unique understandings in Hinduism is that God is not far away, living in a remote heaven, but is inside each and every soul, in the heart and consciousness, waiting to be discovered. This is confused when people refer Hinduism as a way of life. What is actually means that people experience divinity through their actons. This knowing that God is always with us gives us hope and courage. Spirituality in Hinduism means getting to know the One Great God within our consciousness. The highest Hindu view is that God as existing in and giving life to all things. We can see Him in the life shining out of the eyes of humans and all creatures. God transcends from us, through this world & beyond.

How many gods are in Hindu religion?

Does Hinduism really have 33 million Gods? Hindus also believe in many Gods who perform various functions, like executives in a large corporation. These should not be confused with the Supreme God. It is said that there are 33 million Gods in Hindu religion. This is a misinformation that is belief of many peoples. So how many Gods are in Hinduism? This hypocritical number come from the existing of 33 Koti of Dewas. 33 Koti of Dewas means 33 type of Gods. Koti is a Sanskrit word which has two meaning ‘Karod(crore)’ and ‘Type’. Here Koti means type. 33 Koti Dewas means 33 type of Dewas. Deva is also a Sanskrit word with meaning ‘the one who gives’.There are 8 Vasus, 11 Rudras, 12 Adityas, Indra(Devraj:King of all Gods) and Prajapati. 
1 Eight Vasu(Ashtvasu)- Aap, Som, Dhar, Anil, Anal, Pratyush, Prabhas. 
2 Eleven Rudra- Shambu, Pinaki, Girish, Sthanu, Bharg, Bhav, Sadashiv, Shiv, Har, Sarv, Kapali. 
3 Indra and
4 Prajapati 

The Eight Vasus are considered to be child of Vesu (daughter of Daksh) and Rishi Kashyap. The father of eleven rudras also is Rishi Kashyap but their mother is Surabhi.
These Divinities are highly advanced beings who have specific duties and powers –not unlike the heavenly spirits, or archangels revered in other faiths.

Why does Hinduism has too many gods?

Everything in this world is made up of combination, combination of two or more compounds. Even Human body. We need variety of objects and things to survive on this planet, such as Air, Food, Land, Water, Energy, Cloths and many more things. Such everything comes from different sources. In Hinduism such sources are considered as god. For example Surya Devta (Sun: Source of energy and Light). All the energy of earth comes from Sun in the form of light. This is the reason behind sun is considered as god. 
In Hinduism it is said that ‘Aham brahmasmi’ (I am Brahma). It is also said that ‘Twam Brahmasmi’ (U are Brahma). Brahma is synonym of creator. Peoples who believe in Hindu religion worships one Supreme being through the different names. The understanding in the Hindu religion is that the God: the creator, is not far away but is inside each soul, not only in human beings.
Shri Krishna says, ‘Sarwasya Chaham hradi sanni vishto’. it means, ‘I dwell in the soul of all beings’.

Who is the most powerful God in Hinduism?

‘Who is the most popular God in Hinduism?’, Once a person asked a great Saint. The great Saint replied with a smile, ‘The one you believe in.’
I think this is simplest and complete answer to this question. 

Truth for the Hindu has many Godes

Hinduism gives us the freedom to approach God in our own way, encouraging a multiplicity of paths, not forcing anyone to just one. It’s made Hindus peaceful & tolerant. Its taught the world to seek spiritualism through Yoga & Meditation of the Absolute.
I hope you have a better understanding of the concept of the Supreme God, the Paratma& his helper Gods in many forms, which are there to help us humans through the trials of life.

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