Why do Hindus offer water to the surya devta or sun god?

Why do Hindus offer water to the surya devta or sun god?

The Sun

Sun is a source of energy for Earth. It radiates heat and energy in the form of light which makes possible life to exist on our planet. We need Sun for food and oxygen. It is impossible to lead a life without the Sun. This school level information gives us an idea that sun is how much important for us.

The Lord Surya

The Lord Surya (Surya Devta) is considered as the soul of the universe according to Hindu Mythology. The Lord Surya gives knowledge, divinity and performance.
According to Hindu astrology, Sun god is the signification of the soul. That is why the Hindu people in India do offer water to Sun (Surya Devta).
The Lord Surya (Surya Devta) is the lord of all the planets on the heavenly body and the most powerful one. The Sun God gives power, position, authority, glory, name, reputation, force and makes one a ruler or a kingly person. If the planet Sun is posited in a beneficial house in the natal chart, then it will make you an administrator.
The planet Sun is called ‘Sarvadhipati’ in astrology i.e. Lord of all. Hence, worshipping Lord Sun can neutralize the negative effect of all other planets

Why we worship the Sun?

Our ancient scriptures specify certain ways to pray and worship Sun God (Surya Devta). Sun, that will have a miraculous effect on your health, wealth, knowledge, power and position.

What are the different names of sun?

Bhanu, Pusha, Mitra, Ravi, Surya, Hiranyagarbha, Aditya, Savitr, Arka and Bhaskara, Marichin etc.

Why does the Sun have 7 horses?

Sun is the most important planet of solar system.
Our universe is alive and thriving because of sun.
In Hindu scriptures, Sun is portrayed as riding a chariot driven by seven horses. These horses represent the seven Human body Chakras and rainbow colors.
Human Body has seven main chakras or energy centers in our body. Root, Sacral, solar, heart, throat, third eye and crown chakra.
When we offer water to Sun the spectrum of sun rays refract through the offered water, which acts like a prism, and breaks it down into seven colours.

What are the benefits of giving water to Sun?

Offering water to Surya, the Sun God, is an ancient Hindu practise. The rays of the early morning sun are considered to be beneficial for humans. According to Vedic beliefs, the sun governs overall health and the eyes.
Following the tradition of giving water to Sun makes you disciplined and maintains the Mind, Body and Spiritual balance. It is belief of many people that Sun gives us pleasure, good health and wealth in life.
By meditating for 5 minutes to the Surya Devta or Sun God, the positive energy emanating from these rays of different colors is believed to offer some great benefit:

  • water therapy of sun rays, which balances the doshas in the body
  • balances the energy centres, maintaining the body, mind and spirit
  • improving your general health
  • Overall fame and success in professional life.

The Procedure of Giving Water to the Sun-

  • This ritual takes place within an hour of sunrise.
  • It must be practiced daily.
  • The ceremony is done after taking a bath.
  • Wearing clean clothes is also required to undertake this custom.
  • You need a copper vessel for this ritual.
  • Fill the vessel with water and add honey or sugar to it. Go to a place from where the rising sun is clearly visible. In the monsoon, when the sun is not visible, stand facing the east, as this is the position of the sun at this time of the day.
  • Start the ritual by holding the vessel up, towards the sun. Offer water to the sun by pouring a steady stream of water from the vessel and reciting the Surya Mantra.

Rules to follow for offering water to Sun-

  • Don’t see directly to the Lord Surya while offering water.
  • See the rays and Sun in the flow of water that you are creating while reciting the mantra.
  • Once you have finished offering the water, pray the Lord to forgive you for the mistakes you have done.
  • Pray him to bless you with health, wealth and prosperity.
  • Pray him to make your eyesight powerful.
  • Pray him to make you glorified like him.

The Surya Mantra should be recited 11 times.


Once the vessel is empty, touch the place on the ground where you poured the water, with your fingers, and then raise your fingers to your forehead. Wet your fingers once again with the water on the ground and this time touch your eyes. Repeat the process and touch your throat this time. With this the ritual is complete. While leaving the place, avoid stepping on the place where you poured water, to maintain the sanctity of the ritual.

Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar is a solution to the Sun God (Surya Devta) offering love and gratitude for giving us life.
Surya Namaskar is considered as complete exercise for mind and body. It contains 8 aasanas woven into a sequence of twelve steps.

12 pose of Surya Namaskar- 

  1. Pramanasan
  2. Hastauttasan
  3. Padasan
  4. Ashwasanchalnasan
  5. Dandasan
  6. Ashtang Namaskar
  7. Bhujamgasan
  8. Adhomukhshawasan
  9. Ashwasanchalnasan
  10. Padasan
  11. Hastauttasan
  12. Pramanasan

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