What is a Bindi? Importance of Bindi?

What is a Bindi? Importance of Bindi?

What is a Bindi?

The mark is known as a bindi. The term “bindi” stems from the Sanskrit word bindu, which means drop or particle, also called Kumkum, Sindoor, Teep, Tikli and Bottu.

Why do many Hindus wear a dot near the middle of their forehead?

It’s common to see women wearing a small dot on their foreheads between their eyebrows.
The bindi is traditionally worn by women for religious purposes or to indicate that they’re married.But today the bindi has also become popular among women of all ages, as a beauty mark. And it comes in all colours, shapes and sizes. Indeed, many Hollywood celebrities have begun wearing the bindi as a fashion statement.

What’s the history behind the bindi?

The holy scriptures called the Vedas were written around 5,000 years ago, in which they described the existence of areas of concentrated energy called the chakras.
There are seven main chakras that run along the center of the body, and the sixth one called “third eye chakra” occurs exactly where the bindi is placed. Thus, the bindi’s purpose is to enhance the powers of this chakra.

The benefit of wearing Bindi

Before marriage, women wear Bindi for beauty but after marriage according to Hindu culture. It is considered necessary for them. Bindi is placed between the eyebrows. At this place, there is ‘aagya chakra’. ‘Agya chakra’ help us to concentrate our mind. It is said that women think on many thanks at a time because of this their mind does not remain stable as well as stress increases. To wear Bindi calms the mind of women. Stress is reduced and the mind is controlled. 

Get rid from wrinkles-

Applying bindi increases blood flow to the facial muscles and reduces wrinkles.

Indian tradition of wearing bindi-

To wear bindi is a tradition in Hinduism. For any married woman, her ‘Solah Singar’ is incomplete until she does not wear Bindi on her forehead. For married (Suhagan) women Bindi is a sign of their beauty and Suhaag. 

Relief from headache-

According to acupressure if you have headache, massage at this place (between eyebrows) you will get instant relief. Applying Bindi between the two eyebrows gives relief to the blood cells and relieves headache.

For good sleep –

In Ayurveda the place between two eyebrows where the Bindi is placed is considered important for mental peace. Along with this, it is also important to relieve mental stress and sleep well.

Hearing ability-

The nerves related to ears also passed through the place where the Bindi is placed. Applying stress properly on this place enhance hearing ability.


bindis, also serves as an auspicious sign of marriage. As the Hindu bride steps over the threshold of her husband’s home, her red bindi is believed to usher in prosperity in her new home. As such, when a woman is widowed, she no longer wears a red bindi due to its association with marriage.

Red powder Tika

is always put on the forehead of people visiting temples or during religious ceremonies, as a blessing. In addition to the simple dot, there are many types of forehead marks, known as tilaka in Sanskrit. Even men wear tikka, made with white clay on their forehead. Each mark represents a particular sect or denomination of our vast religion.

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