types of Worship in Hinduism

Types of Worship in Hindus

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What are ways Hindu’s worship?

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In Hindus, there are many types of worship, which are all performed at different times of the day with different rituals & purposes.
Religion takes on different forms in various aspects of daily life e.g. yogic practises, dance or music, at home, in the temple, by the riverside or even on the roadside.
The Bhagavad Gita is a practical guide to the importance & impact of worship. It encouraged awareness of Self & association with God & nature. With continuous devotion, one can eventually attain moksha.

What is performed before praying to remove impurities and unclean substances?

All religious activities start with purification, e.g. Have a bath, wear clean clothes, Refrain from eating meat, Many households start with the ladies drawing auspicious geometric designs with rice & coloured powder at the entrance to the house, Recitation of the Gayatri Mantra at dawn & sunset, Families will set aside a handful of grain at each mealtime to feed the poor or even birds & animals.
There are different forms of worship, and anyone can take the route to spiritualism through any one of these.

What are the major forms of Hindu worship?

10 most popular types of worship in Hindus:


This is a silent activity in which a person focuses on either an object or a thought in order to make their mind calm and clear.


A prayer performed at home in honour of a deity. This can be done at any time, but is especially important during festivals.


This is chanting of Vedic mantras during a sacred fire sacrifice made to Lord Agni.
Havan symbolises offerings made to the deities and the idea of giving something up for Brahman.
It is held on auspicious or religious events & at Hindu weddings, where couples walk seven steps around a fire.


Means, “to be seen by God’
Special mantras are chanted, while meditating on a deity.
The worshipper takes the energy from the deity in the form of blessings.


This is chanting of mantras that is sung by the worshippers, in front of the deities where all the four elements (fire, earth, water and air) are all represented in the offerings. During the worship, an aarti lamp is passed around in front of worshippers. Hindus then waft their hands over the flame and then over their heads to gain blessings from God.

Bhajan/ Kirtan

Devotional songs & music in praise of deities & prayers to bring peace.


Food is blessed during prayers & then eaten by the worshippers.


Listening & reading to sacred scriptures.


repetition of mantras on jaap mala as a way of focusing on worship


Active service to the deity, the poor & disadvantaged

Other forms of Worship-

There are other forms of worship, e.g., pilgrimages, fasting, candle vigil, a religious procession, or other family traditions.

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