What is Goddess KALI?

The most misunderstood Goddess, Goddess Kali is a Hindu Goddess, one of the 10 aspects of mother Goddess Parvati, who is worshipped throughout India & Nepal. What does Kali Maa represent? Kali Maa is a symbol of Mother Nature herself: creative, nurturing, and devouring in turn, but ultimately loving and benevolent.She is often referred to …

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hanuman jayanti

Hanuman Jayanti

Hanuman Jayanti¬† India is a land of festivals & Santana dharma, or Hinduism dates back more than 5,000 years.¬†Ramayan and Mahabharat, the two main Hindu sacred writings, tell us stories about ancient India. From Vedas to Puranas, our beliefs have been based on their various versions found across India.¬†Although Hinduism only believes in one God, …

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Avatars of Vishnu

Avatars of Vishnu

What exactly is an avatar? Which are the 10 avatars of Vishnu? Why did Lord Vishnu take avatar? In this article we are going to discuss all such questions.¬†Lord Shri Krishna (Avatar of Vishnu) himself has answered these questions in the Gita: Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya Glanir Bhavati Bharata Abhyuthanam Adharmasya Tadaatmaanam Srijaamyaham Shri Krishn said: ‚ÄúWhenever There …

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