Ahoi Mata Fast

Ahoi Mata Fast

Namaste, I am Shashi Gossain, in this article we are going to discuss about when should we leave Ahoi Mata fast? Who celebrates AHOI ashtami? How do you keep AHOI fast? What can we eat in AHOI fast? Why do we celebrate AHOI ashtami? And everything about Ahoi mata fast.

When should we leave Ahoi Mata fast?

Ahoi Ashtmi- Ahoi Ashtmi is a Hindu festival, celebrated about 8 days before Diwali.

Who celebrates AHOI ashtami? 

The fasting and puja on Ahoi Ashtami are dedicated to Mata Ahoi, which is a form of Goddess Parvati. She is worshiped by mothers for the well-being and long life of their children

Ahoi Mata fast 2021-

Date- 28th Oct 2021
Day- Thursday

Ahoi Ashtmi Puja Muhurt- 05:39 pm to 06:56 pm

How do you keep AHOI fast? 

The mothers fast from sunrise to sunset, without food & water. & is broken after sighting the stars. Puja preparations are finished before sunset. An image of Ahoi mata, is drawn on a large paper/wall. It has 8 corners.
The drawing also includes names & images of one’s children & a lion.
A water filled pot is kept on the floor, with 7 shoots of wheat grass.

What can we eat in AHOI fast? 

The food items which are used in Puja include 8 Puri, 8 Pua and Halwa. These food items are given to a Brahmin along with some money.

Why do we celebrate AHOI ashtami? Story of origin? 

There are many tales related to this observance and one of them is told just after the puja is done as part of the ritual. Once upon a time, there lived a moneylender who had seven sons. One day in the month of Kartik, just a few days before Diwali festivities, the moneylender’s wife decided to repair and decorate her house for Diwali celebrations. To renovate her house, she decided to go to the forest to fetch some soil. While digging the soil in the forest, she accidentally kills the young cub of a lion with the spade with which she was digging the soil. The animal then curses her to a similar fate and within a year all her 7 children die. The couple unable to tolerate the grief decide to kill themselves en route to a final pilgrimage. They keep walking till they no longer able to and fall unconscious on the ground. God, on seeing this, feels pitiful for then and asks them to go back, serve the holy cow and worship Goddess Ahoi as she was believed to be the protector of the offspring of all living beings. The couple feeling much better return home. They follow the divine command. When the day of Ashtami came, the wife drew the face of the young lion and observed fast and performed Goddess Ahoi fast. She honestly repented for the sin which she had committed. Goddess Ahoi was pleased with her devotion and honesty and appeared before her and gave her the boon of fertility.

Ahoi Mata Ki Aarti-

Jai Ahoi Mata
Maiyya Jai Ahoi Mataŗ•§
Tumko Nisdin Dhyavat
Hari Vishnu Vidhataŗ••
Jay jay jay Ahoi Mata‚Ķŗ••
Brahamni, Rudrani, Kamla
Tu He Hai Jag Mataŗ•§
Surya Chandrama Dhyavat
Narad Rishi Gataŗ••
Jay jay jay Ahoi Mata‚Ķŗ••
Mata Roop Niranjan
Sukh Sampatti Dataŗ•§
Jo Koi Tumko Dhyavat
Nit Mangal Pataŗ••
Jay jay jay Ahoi Mata‚Ķŗ••
Tu He Hai Pataal Basanti
Tu He Hai Sukh Dataŗ•§
Karma Prabhav Prakashini
Jagniddhi Se Trataŗ••
Jay jay jay Ahoi Mata‚Ķŗ••
Jis Ghar Tharo Vaas
Wahi Mein Gunna Aataŗ•§
Kar Na Sake Soi Kar Le
Mann Nahi Ghabrataŗ••
Jay jay jay Ahoi Mata‚Ķŗ••
Tum Bin Sukh Na Hove
Putra Na Koi Pataŗ•§
Khan-Paan Ka Vaibhav
Sab tumse hi Aataŗ••
Jay jay jay Ahoi Mata‚Ķŗ••
Subh Gun Sundar Yukta
Sheer Niddhi Jataŗ•§
Ratan Chaturdarsha
Toku Koi Nahi Pataŗ••
Jay jay jay Ahoi Mata‚Ķŗ••
Shree Ahoi Maa Ki Aarti
Jo Koi Gataŗ•§
Ur Umang Ati Upjay
Paap Utar Jataŗ••
Jay jay jay Ahoi Mata‚Ķŗ••

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